Outsiders Collective was founded in 2012 by Chiuprecha brothers “Wuttipong and Chaiwut”. Both brothers were born and raised in Chonburi province located in the eastern part of Thailand. They come from a family working on agricultural basis. They graduated with graphic arts major from Faculty of painting, sculpture and graphic arts, Silpakorn University. After graduation, the brothers jointly created artworks including painting, contemporary arts, sculpture and graphic arts based on an ongoing basis. However, they focus more on sculpture arts. Most of their works are inspired from the thoughts, ideology,  philosophy, art and cultural diversity from each era including the importance of the nature, ecosystem, wildlife and public figures who have influenced on the society, philosophy, politics, administration, art, culture and music.
          The two brothers create his artworks with love and passion. They have fun trying new things and focus on making uniquely artworks. Every sculpture is manually made. The process starts from sketching and drafting the structure on paper. Then start molding by using clay and wax. This process requires scrupulousness and takes the longest time to do. This process starts by molding the structure and check the details in the last step. When the model is complete, the next step is to make the mold. This process is quite technically complicated and takes around 3-5 days. Once the mold is complete, we will start making the piece of work. We shall select the material we want and check the details in the final step to ensure the completeness of our work before painting it. We mostly use acrylic paints. However, depending on an individual work, we might use different kind of paint. The method we use is airbrush and hand painting.